Choosing the Right Career in IT


There is too much of Tools and too much to learn in each Tool. Simple Excel is very easy and has not changed much over the years. However, if you take the case of cloud tools like Office 365,AWS,SharePoint,Azure , Google Cloud etc, there is too much of changes every year and too much to learn even for an expert. How do you choose that skill that helps you in the long run and gives you peace, joy and financial security?


The goal of this blog is help you identify the tool/skill you want to focus on.

1. Start working on the tools

The best way to learn swimming is to actually swim, The best way to learn driving is to actually drive.

Of course, you can enroll for the Certification exams and choose that where you win in flying colors. I personally prefer a  good project on a skill/tool is way better than even a certification exam.

Get the Trail version of the tools you want to try and explore. 

I strongly feel anyone can be good in anything. With practice, you become perfect. But, you should want and have interest to use the tool/skill. I was forced to study a language Hindi and I loved my teacher, but I hated Hindi and just gave it up though my marks were 98%.

Think of the tools you have worked on so far for many years and note the tools that gave you joy and job satisfaction. For example, I was working on many projects using Facets, Web Development, Coding, SharePoint and I loved and chose SharePoint and coding. You may not like SharePoint and that is your preference.

When you do something you love, work flows easily.

Write down all the things you have worked on so far and check if they give the following:

1. Peace

2. Joy

3. Fast Results and seems easy

2. Identify the skills

You must be blessed with multiple skills and not just one skill. It may be the following

1. Speaking

2. Writing

3. Selling

4. Coding

5. Reading

6. Support

7. Administration

8. Networking etc

Identify all the skills you have, then choose the skills wisely

3. Find the skill that gives you profit or money and comes easy. 

Choose the skill that is highly in demand that solves a problem or get an opportunity that you can finish in short time. 

Einstein got the wealth called time in the desk job and the money was enough to give needs and he got time to think and work on his skills or his calling.

Try to get Part time and not full time. Getting Part time in SharePoint is highly difficult and hoping things change soon. Thankfully lockdown has given the blessing to work from home and time is saved on travel.

4. Surround yourself with those who want your victory.


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